Wine is defined by Location, Vintage, and Culture. Vine Farmer partners directly with growers who live these words in the wines they grow.

A bottle of wine bearing the Vine Farmer logo was imported from growers who champion the singularity that location and vintage conditions bring to wine. In an increasingly synthetic world where homogenized and engineered wines are the standard, these wines offer soulful and singular expressions that ground you to something real.

All wines offered are self-imported and all content is our own. We have strong relationships with each grower partner, visiting their homes and cellars. Every bottle is transported with proper temperature safeguards from originating cellar to local warehouse.

We're proud to be an official US import and distribution partner of GRASSL GLASS, offering the entire range to businesses and consumers throughout the USA.

In just a few years, Grassl has built a presence in fourteen countries and has established a long list of high profile grower converts in Piedmont, Burgundy, and Bordeaux (including Domaine Roulot and Etienne Sauzet, to name a few).

Gianluigi of LANO GIANLUIGI working his Barbaresco vines for the start of the 2020 growing season. This work to even bud distribution and to cut out excess buds promotes air circulation between the leaves (preventing disease), concentrates ripening on a smaller amount of berries, and maximizes the impact and length of sunlight on the vines. We're blown away by the thriving vineyard, full of growth and cover crop, this early in the season! There are no shortcuts with farming like this, and the results are in the glass...