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After opening our doors in May of 2010, it's been an interesting, fun and successful journey.  My wine journey began in 2006.  After working in the financial world as an Institutional trader for 18 years and slowly watching that business diminish, I decided to make a drastic life change. I opened my first wine store in 2006 called Continental Wine and Spirits in Greenwich, CT.  While this was an existing store for the past 35 years, I worked endlessly to change and build Continental to where it is today.  Two years later, I can proudly say, I did it.  I was then ready to open my second wine store.Vintage first came to mind after learning that the Town of Wilton would no longer be classified as a "dry" town.  In November of 2009, a referendum proposal to allow liquor stores was passed and that was when Vintage became a reality.  My wife, Kristi, has joined me as I've embarked in opening VINTAGE.  We will celebrate VINTAGE'S 4th Anniversary this year and have been voted Fairfield Counties "BEST WINE SHOP" 2011 and 2012 by Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut.  Now that's something to be proud of!!!  

VINTAGE specializes in boutique wines from smaller producers, which typically offer greater values at every price point, as well as high-end, collectible wines. We also carry a large selection of spirits and beer.  In addition, we offer a selection of specialty cheeses and chocolate.  

Our philosophy is to offer our customers a great selection of wines at fair prices with top-notch, friendly customer service. We cater to a variety of needs including parties, corporate events, gift baskets, wine tastings and wine collection.  In 2012 we began hosting a variety of fun and educational tastings.  Girl's Night Out, Men's Night, and Couple's Night Out.  We have also hosted customized wine tastings, all right here in our store. These events have taken off and our customers really enjoy them.  

We get to know you!!  And you will get to know us!!


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MM21 ‎ - Sep 26, 2011
We ordered a gift on Monday to be delivered late that same week.. When the distributer sent the wrong year twice in a row to Vintage Fine Wines, Frank gave me a call and assured me he could get the gift to its recipient before the end of the week as planned. It turned out the distributer didn't get the right bottle there till that Friday but Frank hand delivered it to my friend later that day. It's not often you see that level of service and I really appreciated it. 
Brian ‎ - Dec 24, 2010
Great service from the owners and staff; excellent selection. 
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